11 Necessary Objectives to Maintain While Doing: SEO Outsourcing

seo outsourcing

For every business, growing their online existence is very important. This can be done by running good SEO campaigns. But that’s not the only task and it is not that easy either. It takes time and expertise, not to mention constant tweaking. Having an SEO agency can assist you throughout this journey.

Considering SEO outsourcing?

You are making a wise decision!

But there should be some objectives set by you, which will make you ready to use the service and have a successful SEO outsourcing experience.

Let’s jump in.


1. Choose Before It Is Too Late


You should initiate the process of SEO outsourcing as soon as you launch your business, but only if you are certain that you are not going to do it in-house in the future.

Your time is incredibly vital and the market is changing every day. That’s why you cannot waste it on experiments or invest carelessly on SEO when it is not your core business.

I’m not going to get into the many reasons why you should outsource SEO because that is no secret and you know that already, that’s why you are planning SEO outsourcing.

There is one thing I would like to say:

Your business will progress 10x when you start finding out unnecessary tasks that are stealing your precious time. Then you can reallocate your time back to essential tasks. Important tasks that are critical for increasing your revenue.


2. Avoid Outsourcing “Creative” Tasks


You should avoid outsourcing creative tasks, the good news is SEO outsourcing isn’t one of them.

You should never outsource product development, design or anything that involves high levels of creativity and detail. These sorts of jobs should stay in-house. The reason being you can’t teach creativity and often times these types of job need last minute changes.

Effective outsourcing is all about being flawless with a plan.


3. Try Few Vendors Before You Get Fixed


It’s best to test out a few agencies who deliver the same service. It will help you compare between the service and efficiency in general.

There are three things you need to test:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Communication
  3. Quality of service
  4. Comparison of price to service.  

For this to be effective you need to track the progress of the project.


4. Track Every Detail


Tracking your SEO activities is key. It will save you from getting tricked and also keeping track of your ROI.

You can simply use Google sheets or any other tool that will show you real-time changes.

a. Order compilation time – This is the most essential part. You are outsourcing because you want your time to be saved, so timely compilation of the job is very important.

b. Type of Service – When you are outsourcing different types of service losing track of one or two is normal. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Keep your service details on a document and keep your documents separate. For instance, you can create a document named – “SEO Outsourcing” and take updates on a weekly basis to see how things are moving forward. Share those documents with your vendor or give them a heads up accordingly.

c. Link Data: Chunk of SEO outsourcing work is link building, so keeping those link data in track will give you the best outcome possible.

d. Vendor Score: Upon completion, you should score the vendor on a scale of 1-5. It will help both you and the other clients who will use service after you.


5. Check Before Going “All-In”


If you are outsourcing link acquisition, then you need to test. Analyze the outcomes and see the impact in terms of ranking.


Avoid going “all-in” before you know for sure that the links you are taking fits well with your brand. Of course, getting SEO results takes time, so you will need to be patient.


6. Watch Out for Fake Reviews


Fake reviews are there on forums and SEO open market. The good news is that most fake reviews are easy to recognize. Sometimes it is too obvious and other times you have to do a little bit of digging. You can talk to other clients to get a honest feedback.

Here are a few examples of fake reviews:

“Great service! Would use it again.” or “This is an awesome service and highly recommend everyone use it.”

As you can see, these reviews are overly positive and do not name any specifics.

Real reviews will have specifics about the service like this one from our Blogger Outreach Service:

“I picked up an editorial link package from Orbit informatics for a client of mine. It’s a South Asian company located in Bangladesh. The metrics were exceptional, for the price I paid I estimated the links to be average. I ordered 5 DA 10+ links; the sites I ended up landing links on had an average DA of 19. Permanent, safe links on real websites, pretty damn hard to beat for $97/link.”


7. Build Relationships With Good Vendors


It’s rare to find reliable services and agencies in the SEO market.

That’s why when you do find worthy agencies, you need to hang on to them.

Building relationships with these agencies will lead your business to better possibilities, quality, and even exclusive offers.


8. Detailed Reporting


How much improvement are you gaining over time? Are you still missing out on things?

You can answer those tricky questions in no time with the help of regular reporting. It is even more essential for SEO outsourcing field. Because SEO is a slow process and if you don’t keep track of everything that’s going down on a daily basis, you will eventually get lost. Screenshots are a very popular option while making those reports. Through screenshots, you can easily see before and after effect of any feature.


9. Pick an Agency over a Solo Performer


There are some remarkable freelancers out there, but I still believe agencies will provide you with superior service.

The truth is, freelancers are less reliable and much harder to trust. If a freelancer steals your money and moves out of your territory or deactivates his account you have no way to track them.Most importantly you can’t do large and long term projects with freelancers.

They can be the most awesome asset for your business and two seconds later you will never hear from them again. This doesn’t usually happen with companies. If a company doesn’t do what it promises, you can hold them accountable.


10. Explain More


There is more reason to choose agencies over individual freelancers. When you are choosing a freelancer you have to explain every task down to the last detail, which can be skipped with an agency because they have a lot of manpower and experience.

But regardless of your choice, it is better to find out what you are looking for in your project and what is your priority, when you are working with a new partner.


11. You Are Not Always Going To Get What You Pay For


When you hire your personal in-house team of experts, you still have to pay them even when they go on a vacation or sick leave. It’s neither time nor cost-efficient, especially when they’re not giving you the results you are looking for. On top of that, it is tough to create a team of SEO specialists who have nothing to do with your core business.

So companies choose SEO outsourcing over unnecessary burden. Here trusted agencies will give you top notch services at a decent price and will help you in the long run.  


Over to You 


You are now equipped with the information needed to outsource SEO tasks. Now all you have to do is start outsourcing, and watch your business grow.

There are other services you can outsource, one of them is data entry which is a non-core activity, yet essential for all industries. Check out how to outsource data entry services. Same thing applies for customer service outsourcing as well. Outsourcing has both pros and cons but if done right it will help bring more benefits than you can imagine. 




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