5 Revenue Growth Strategies You Should Already Be Following

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you are constantly pondering over possible strategies to create and increase your revenue growth. At this point you are probably wondering what is the difference between increasing your revenue and increasing your revenue growth. When we talk about revenue growth we are not talking about the rate of increase of revenue but the increase in the rate of revenue growth. You are probably

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Questions you should be asking while hiring Developer

Developers are the main life line for any web project. Whether you are building a project from scratch or tweaking it up a bit, developers make all the difference.  You need to choose whom you hire wisely, so that your project is actualized with minimum hiccups. It’s usually easy to spot someone who isn’t a good match for your business or project requirements, but separating the good developers from the great—and

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Advantages of PHP on startup go way back

Before diving into the main discussion, I feel like sharing some history and prospect PHP programming language seems fair. Some successful companies who are using PHP from their start are – LiveRamp, Thumbtack, Dynamic Signal, Cloudflare, Accenture, Rackspace, Tesla, Nokia, Chegg, Slack, Sprinklr, Angie’s List, BrightRoll, Nutanix, Hortonworks, Zynga, MobileIron, Lyft, Zuora, Yesware, SolarCity, OnDeck, Hootsuite, Bigcommerce, BitTorrent, SeatGeek, Birchbox, Udemy, Flickr, Digg. The list goes on and on, but keep

Your Website, Killing your Business!

Companies often come to us complaining they are not getting enough sell or conversion according to their forecast and planning. 90% times it is because of their outdated website and the content within the website. People tend to forget that once you made a website it is not a life time done deal. You need to make periodic changes in order to stay relevant over time. We put together a

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Recipe for making an evergreen website

First impression makes all the difference when you are trying to generate more lead, finding new customers, dealing more sales, inspiring people to take your service, generating fund for cause, trying to grab more market share or just to showcase your expertise. I like to compare website with people’s living room. When you visit someone’s home first thing you see is their living room and right away you make a judgement.

Do's and Don't

Do’s and Don’ts of Web Development

Web users tend to go through a great number of website every day for various purpose likely to shopping, learning, selling, entertainment and more. To make sure your targeted customers visit your website again and again, there are some definite rules to be followed strictly. Some certain works has to be done and some should be ignored. That is why, we’ve come up with a highly straightforward infographic regarding the

5 Major Startups Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Does

  Entrepreneurship is an excellent choice for young bloods as a decent carrier choice. However, it’s not easy and a lot more challenging than any normal job, what we’ve firmly discussed in our previous post about the Top Notch Secrets of Startups. After opening a business, startups owners will have to prepare smart small business ideas and eventually the entrepreneurs would face extreme agitation and nervousness. Such tension ends

Perks of overseas web project: startup & small business solution

You just started your crafted figurine shop with a brilliant marketing plan, enthusiasm, and great vision. But as time goes by you come to the realization that you are low on budget to manage everything on your own and you do not have enough resources to maintain your daily business. Above all, you feel that you can gain more customers if you could sell your figurines on your e-commerce website

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8 Common Misconceptions About Offshore Outsourcing Web Development

Offshoring can be thought of as an extra hand for your business. When you start outsourcing various aspects of your business, you begin to switch from a people-focused model to a system-focused model. Companies are getting comfortable outsourcing tasks as it allows them to take advantage of the lower costs and become efficient at the same time. There are many advantages of offshore outsourcing, and companies are starting to have

Best 3 CMS

3 popular CMS for Ecommerce Platform You Should Consider

Ecommerce is constantly marching ahead as the pioneer of modern business sense. The development graph of this arena is quite fascinating due to its most trustworthy manner of purchasing goods. Multifarious business houses has been able to reach new statures and make the best use of countless possibilities, because of its existence. This is why CMS for ecommerce plays some serious role for the sake of business. Ecommerce is comparatively

8 Advantages of websites

8 advantages of website every startup should consider

  A website is like a canvas for every business organization. It’s where you put your ideas, sell your product, make a connection with your customers, build trust, place your content and offers and so on. In today’s competitive business world where people have a small span of attention, a website is a basic requirement to have in order to run your small boutique, your designed t-shirt, your cupcake shop; just

PHP vs

Choosing platform for your next project PHP vs

PHP and are two of the most widely used programming language at this time. Many of the programmers often debate about the effectivity of this two language while developing any application or website. Let us embrace you to the ultimate battle of PHP vs We’ll look over the detailed overview of PHP and differently at first. And then there will come comparison regarding their performance, cost and