Social Media Marketing


Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. It is a large pool of untapped resource for your business. Capitalizing on that and help your company’s branding and popularity.


Being one of the newest and fastest growing social media platforms for businesses Pinterest has a great sales pitch potential. Orbit can help you achieve faster leads to sale generation, more inbound links to your site and more value to your business through Pintrest.


Twitter is the 2nd largest social media platform. We use Twitter to engage in one–on-one interaction with your customers, as well the growth of your brand’s image.


Boasting over 200 million users, our team can achieve great creative content for low-cost from this growing platform, reaching a more fashionable audience with great tastes in current trends and styles.


Instagram is a powerful visual platform used by millions. Orbit utilizes this media to generate greater brand awareness as well as establish product authenticity with visual and trendy content.


Being the largest video platform used to date, one cannot deny the advantages YouTube can bring to one’s business. Our creative videography and animation team can help you showcase your company.


Being the top social media platform for B2b relations. We help you create connections and networks with others in the corporate world gaining valuable industry insight. 


While most may neglect Tumblr as a social media platform for businesses, it is a trendy media appealing to the young and creative minds. Through Tumblr, we offer an artistic and visual platform for you to market your business.

Grow Your Business

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Social Views

Social media platforms are continuously changing and bringing us new possibilities.  We have different clients and they all have different requirements. Startup digital marketing is different than digital marketing for a big company. Explore from our wide range of service indifferent platform for creating a social media campaign.

We are creating social media campaign with absolutely necessary platforms. Not every platform required for your business. Our experienced team always searching for the best in the business to make your marketing campaign as dynamic as possible. We also keep an eye on your market competitors so that you are not falling behind.

Planning and utilizing all your social media platforms for businesses can be hectic. We take that extra step to ensure that our customers can manage all their social platforms by developing customized CRM for all your social media requirements and not to mention we are always there for you so that you don’t get lost in the process.


Fuel your business by creating a social media campaign with us


Obtain valuable information regarding your customers through our analytics. Gain valuable insight on your competitors as well and see how well you are performing against them. Locate your weaknesses and where you are losing out.


Rest assured that your message will reach your target audience. Each and every social media has a large audience. However, through our years of experience practicing various social media platforms for businesses, we can ensure that your business will reach your selected audience by setting up a social media strategy.


More clicks, more conversions, more sales, more returns, more inbound links- all these factors and many more determine the success of your digital marketing. We will show you how well your money is being spent with our digital marketing services.

Account Management

With the large number of social media platforms for businesses to use, it can get quite overwhelming for most. Fortunately we have experienced digital marketers capable of handling any social media account.

Social Media Audit

Check your response rates, popularity with consumers and successful strategies, through social media audits. We can help you recognize which strategies are getting you more traffic and which may need to be revised to optimize every aspect of your digital marketing attempt.

Profile Creation:

Confused as to how to create your own business account on social media? Fret not, for we can give you the full guidelines on each and every networking site to create a glowing business profile to attract businesses and consumers alike.