Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh: Who are the Elites of the Industry?

Bangladesh has been steadily showing that when it comes to software development, we can hang with the big boys from all around the world. Some software development companies have unparalleled skills. But who are the elites? Who can be considered in the list of top 10 software development company in Bangladesh?

These skills are highly appreciated not just from businesses in Bangladesh, but also those from abroad.

When it comes to software development, the only thing that matters is the quality of the developers and the finished product. Just as a diamond can be found in the rough, those in this list of top 10 software development company in Bangladesh have the caliber to achieve greatness.

There are a lot of companies in Bangladesh that create superb software that can solve whatever the need is. And deciding which of these companies can be considered as the top 10 can be subjective.

But we have compiled this list based on the organization’s capabilities, legacy, innovativeness, and commitment.

The following list contains the elites who made the cut to be considered as one of the 10 best software development company in Bangladesh. But be advised, they are not in any particular order.

1.   Tiger IT

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- Tiger IT

One of the reasons why Tiger IT is first on the list is due to the legacy of the company. Tiger IT is one of the staple company in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

They have been in this business for well over 10 years and as a result, they have managed to create a sterling reputation for themselves as a trustable & reliable software development company.

They have been the pioneer in biometric in Bangladesh and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FMIS).

Tiger IT usually complete projects for the government of countries. Bangladesh and Nepal are the biggest clients of Tiger IT.

Their Identification products have attained high praises and the Election Commission of Bangladesh regularly utilizes them to ensure an authenticated voting system.

2.   Datasoft

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- datasoft

Another giant among the software development companies in Bangladesh, Datasoft is an ISO certified company that boasts the achievement of being on the 5th level of CMMI.

They have provided software to both the corporate and public sectors and achieved great fame.

Their clients include British American Tobacco, Chevron, Citi Bank, DHL, Eastern Bank, bKash and many more. And Who’s who from the top of corporate ladder deal with Datasoft to fulfill their software need.

They are highly versed in financial ecosystem, ERP, Port & logistics; but now, they are looking to get into the business of Internet of Things (IoT).

3.   Orbit Informatics

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- Orbit Informatics

Still considered to be an up-and-comer in the field of software development by some, Orbit Informatics has the potential to be one of the major players.

Their sleek design and responsive website development have earned them the reputation of being a contender for the best web development company in Bangladesh.

And that same skill, tenacity, innovative idea and familiarity with the latest technological tools are skyrocketing them to the front of the line.

Although the company is UK based, the operation team is located right here in Bangladesh.

Whereas most companies play safe and take on projects that are similar to their previous experience, Orbit Informatics does this and more! They revel in the opportunity to take on new challenges and provide innovative solutions to conquer those challenges.

Currently, Orbit has gained invaluable experience in the field of software development by creating some ingenious products for them. For example, one of their shining examples is an ERP an HRM system that manages more than 10,000 employees of one of the biggest group of industries in Bangladesh.

Orbit Informatics also has clients from all over the globe, including Australia, Canada, USA, Kenya, UK etc.

Their ability to create software’s that are fully functional, bug-free, as per the client’s requirement and their commitment to the client is what put them on this list. They are also equipped to create SaaS products for those in need.

4.   Dream71

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- dream71

One of the few companies today that truly embody the progressive march that Bangladesh has been for some time now. Dream71, with its youthful, energetic and steadfast movement is creating some very effective software for companies.

They are considered as among the top 10 software development company in Bangladesh because that is their primary focus. Their team of developers already showcase a great list of software and apps for a variety of functions.

Unsurprisingly, their reach isn’t just limited to Bangladesh. They are able to cross boundaries and complete deals with far-off places like Japan.

5.     Databiz Software

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- databiz

With more than 1500+ successful software implementation under their belt and close to 20 years of development experience, they are one of the more successful software development company in Bangladesh.

Databiz is both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certified. Their client list includes Cute, Banglalink, Bangladesh Police, and the University of Dhaka just to name a few.

Although their work isn’t limited to software development; that is where they shine the most. They work ethics and immaculate developed products is what makes them a so popular.

Their fully organized and structured working methodology ensures a rapid development and deployment of software.

6.    BrainStation-23

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- brainstation 23

BrainStation-23 has quickly become one of the most successful and inventive companies that can be considered among the top 10 software development company in Bangladesh. They have also become a global name spreading over countries like Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, UK etc.

They boast 150+ developers under their wing who are young, fresh, talented and hungry for achievement. As for their client, some of the heavy-hitters of Bangladesh like Grameenphone, City Bank, British American Tobacco, and Robi are just a few of them.

Aside from software development, they are one of the few companies in Bangladesh that have the know-how for creating AR & VR applications.

7.   Kaz Software

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- Kaz

Their motto is great software within a budget.

One of the better organization in this list of top 10 software development company in Bangladesh that is on the more compact side, Kaz Software is driven by their passion, skill, and culture.

Their passion and skill of developing amazing and functional software is the reason why they are on this list.

Even though they are still considered to be a startup, they have the potential to be something really big in the world of software development. Their assortment of software development skills and experience is a great boon for them.

Kaz Software is a testament the statement that good things come in small packages.

8.   Zaman IT

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- zaman

One of the most familiar face among the software development companies in Bangladesh today. They started their journey in 2008 and they never looked back.

Their client list is as varied as it is big and there is hardly any type of industry where they don’t have their fingerprints. This includes Newspapers, real estates, hospitals, restaurants, law firms among others.

Their ability to create customized applications and software for varied needs of the companies are their true power.

Their brand name has garnered enough of the goodwill that it is a name that every organization trusts for software development.

9.   Nano IT

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- nano it

Nano IT is a company that has a vast array of expertise in the IT field. That includes domain selling & registration, hosting, web design & development and also, software & app development.

They are capable of creating software for the varied requirement. No matter what the client’s needs are, Nano IT is able to handle any challenges and create software’s for CMS, POS, EMS, ERP and even billing software.

Nano IT World prides in adhering to their value and they deal with clients that respect those same values. A proud member BASIS, that aims to develop the whole IT section of Bangladesh. That is why they are one of the top 10 software development company in Bangladesh.

10.   Softograph

Top 10 Software Development Company in Bangladesh- softograph

Softograph is one of the newest players in the block. They are experts in providing right solutions with outstanding detail.  Softograph specializes in the effective use of technology in businesses.

The company is a master at creating web-based software that provides the user’s ease of access from any locations.

Two things are always kept in mind when they create software, client’s requirements, and business implications.

They utilize a clearly defined approach for every development and that enable a rapid process.

Some of their biggest clients include the Bangladeshi Army, Citi Bank, Grey, Honda Bangladesh and Metlife.

Wrapping Up

Bangladesh is one of the most developing countries in the world today and it has also one of the most rising sources for web development and software development. The country has some of the very best, ingenious and the most deserving companies to be among the top 10 software development company in Bangladesh today.

The companies mentioned in this list are those that are solely from Bangladesh and not multinationals like NewsCred.

These are the creme of the crop; the top 10 software development company in Bangladesh and those who are looking for a reliable, effective and spectacular software development, they need to look no further.

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