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Orbit informatics came into reality based on a dream of helping IT startup. We understand how challenging it can be to manage a new business all by your own. Our mantra is to take journey with you and make your IT firm the best in the business with as much tech support as possible.

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Our experienced developer’s pool can help you with PHP,  .NET, WordPress or any other web development platforms. Tweak every last details of your desires with the help of our experienced & professional developer team without breaking the bank.

Web Development

With responsive and user friendly interface we ensure that your customers keep coming back to your website. Your need is our priorities & regardless of anything we always maintain the deal. Clients can count on us for their timely projects.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to your business. Regular practice only uses the tip of the iceberg to market their product/service. But we deliver your positive result with the help of our professional team. After all marketing can make or break your business.

Offshore Web Development Services

Company website is the doorway to your business. A tasteful website opens up company to new possibilities and shows prospective customers worthiness of your business. Our developers team working around the clock to provide clients with best service possible. We believe in user friendly and optimized web design & Development. Your full satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Offshore web development services provider in Bangladesh

Startups IT solution

Orbit informatics is one of the best offshore web development choices in current industry.  IT startup typically stands upon sheer innovation. Here our experience team comes handy to make your innovation bring into practice. We differ ourselves from market through value addition and persistence.

Startups have lot of fresh ideas that can revolutionize the market or can be completely useless. We can help you with resource and suggestion from years of experience with small business IT outsourcing.

Expanding horizon takes a lot of work and our dedicated programmer’s team ready to take the challenge. Our ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress, E-commerce developers can help you without making too much hectic change over your current process.

In growth IT business tends to slow down a bit. Having us under your sleeve will help you to focus on your innovation so that your business can achieve more market share and reach new heights.


Who we are?

Orbit Informatics is a leading choice for offshore web development service provider in South East Asia. Our cost efficiency, structured team work and vast experience justify our position. Our major clients count on web application we’ve developed and regular support for them.

How we can help?

We specialized in web design and web development services. Our services are tailor made for all business. We provide services in order to construct your business and provide required day to day service.

How we do?

So what is the secret that makes us the best web solution company? We challenge ourselves to break the benchmark and give world class service that you deserve. We provide all IT related services with the tune of different business needs.

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