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Not unlike the fashion industry, the IT industry is a competitive jungle, where everyone vies to be the best. Only those companies, who can keep up with the newest trends and master them in a timely fashion, can be considered as the best web design & development company.

With the latest advancement in technology and usage of mobile devices, here are the trends that will be the most influential toward being the best!


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Why AI? Because it’s AI! No matter what Elon Musk says, AI is the future. AI implementation in web & app development and data processing is in! Artificial Intelligence is already used by Google and Wikipedia. AlphaGo, a program built by Google DeepMind, became the first program to beat a professional Go player.


Why should you care?

Because the field is ripe for the taking. Any company that properly utilizes AI in creating websites and application, will undoubtedly become the leading web development company. 


 Static Website

People are nostalgic beings. Just like fashion, old trends sometimes go around the circle of time and come back as the hottest trend. Static websites are a thing of the past. Or is it? People prefer simplicity, and with the help of static site generator, they are making a big comeback. The fines web development company utilizes a combination of CMS and static website, that is a definite goldmine for developers.







It seems like simplicity and  style is what everyone is raving on about for some time now. To go with the static website, Typography as a design element is taking center stage, especially for those who are vying to be the top web designing company Instead of using images, designers are now relying on expressive typography that create cleaner lines with more negative space and makes the website more POP OUT!


 Single Page Websites & Cards


Keeping up with the ongoing style, clients want to showcase everything without the hassle complex navigation structure. That is why if your company is striving to be the best when it comes to designing & developing website, you must learn how to use cards to share more information in less space, and utilize elements such as these to provide a scrollers heaven.



Ruby on Rails


The new (relatively) kid in the block is making big names for itself as the go to language for web developers. And if you don’t get aboard the hype train, you are going to get left behind.

Why should you learn this new language?

Because it save time, money, perfect for web technologies, AND! Big players like Hulu, Twitter are using it.



 Chatbots & Conversational UI

I don’t think there is anyone anywhere that likes to get replies to questions online hours, if not days, later.


That is where chatbots & conversational UI come in. It is one of the most discussed topic among AI developers for web application, as a developer, is crucial for you to be aware. From customer support to query management companies deploying chatbots into their website will provide more engaging interaction with their customers.



Augmented Reality (AR)

Web developmet-orbitinformatic



Thanks to apple and their unveiling of new iPhone X, AR is about to blow up!

If you can get a good grasp of AR right about now, you are sure to be the most impactful developer in near future. A race is about to begin to integrate AR into websites and apps for smartphones. Successful integration of AR is vital to becoming huge.



Progressive Web Application

No one even heard of the concept ‘progressive web application’ in 2014. But now! The pioneers of this technology is sweeping the market and quickly becoming the major competitor to native mobile apps.

Ability to work offline, load faster, store more information; these are just some of the reason for it’s popularity and why you should get on with the trend.



 Push Notification



Now hold on! Push notification isn’t new! It’s not even old enough to make a comeback!!

I completely agree with you. But it’s not really the old push notification we know about. Push notification for websites are up and coming and are critical to share latest news and information. People like to get information easily. As a developer, you can create push notification for sites so that clients can get the latest information on their browser automatically.







Flash is on its last leg for video playback. The final nail in the coffin was Youtube choosing HTML5 as their default player. HTML5 based videos will reach wider audience and becoming the universal format for all type of digital content.


Being ahead of the curve is what makes a business successful. A company that is aware of what is going on in the IT industry, what people are raving for, what revolution is about to take place, will be crowned as the top most web design & development company without a doubt.



Don’t be late at the party. In web design and development industry, just like fashion industry, if you fall behind, you’ll be left behind. Be the best there was, the best there is and the best there will be!


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