8 Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Offshore Team for Data Entry Services

data entry services

Data entry is one of the fundamental tasks of building and maintaining a successful and productive business. There are different industries that need data entry services on a daily basis, naming some – healthcare industry, retail, e commerce, banking, finance, transportation, logistics, and real estate. These industries need to maintain a strict standard when it comes to data entry services.

But it is easier said than done. A lot of companies get tangled up in the process of managing this massive amount of data in a perfect order. It is difficult, needs expertise and needless to say- is time-consuming too. Apart from enormous time consumption, it also eats up energy and motivation of employees. That is why the best choice is to outsource online data entry tasks to a provider, who has experience and expertise to fully do this work.


How Companies are Suffering for In-house Data Entry Task


1. Too Much Time is Misused


Whether it is taking data from images or paper documents; it includes a lot of time particularly if the process is manual. For business organizations with a smaller amount of staff members, it hampers the capacity to focus on the core functions and preserving their effectiveness.


2. Incorrect Results


Data entry is a tiresome process and requires a high degree of concentration. If the in-house data entry operator is assigned with a vast amount of work, then there is always a chance of more mistakes. Access to incorrect information could lead to poor business development and customer service.


3. Increased Workload


With the rise in the demand for a business’s products or services, the bulk of data entry tasks increases. There are times when the data entry operator is overworked and feel pressured.


4. Quality vs. Quantity


Countless businesses make the mistake of giving preference to crutch up huge bulks of data rather than looking for data which is valuable. It is up to the top management to decide what data is useful for the organization.


5. Lacking on Revenue Oriented Activities


At times overemphasis given to data entry stops the business from giving the essential importance to main tasks like production, marketing etc.


6. Confusing Data Production


 There are times when, despite the accessibility of the right data sources, the data entry operators stack up the info in such a way which is hard to understand. The unclear data produced is of no use for a business development.


Key Features to Consider Before Outsourcing Data Entry Services


  • Accurate Data

Accuracy is the main base of data entry service. So, faulty data even the smallest ones can cause major complicacy over time. Before outsourcing the online data entry service, make sure that they have a good record of maintaining data accuracy. Make sure that they have the preferred quality control practices in place for safeguarding the data accuracy. Outsource the job only when you are totally happy.


  • Reputations in the Business Arena

Reputation is of extreme importance in the world of stiff rivalry today. In the age of social media, every single business is studied very closely by everybody. Preserving the business reputation and upper hand thus became more important than ever.


  • Data Security

The security of the data of your clients and your company should be one of the main concerns for you. While the leak of client data could land you in all sorts of legal dilemmas, the leak in the company data could affect your revenues and returns if it falls into the wrong hands. The data entry outsourcing company must agree on non-disclosure and discretion agreement with you.


  • Costing

One of the major reasons why businesses outsource the data entry jobs is because they are looking to reduce costs. Therefore, before you plan to outsource data entry job, figure out if it would actually save your business some money. Keep in mind you may not see cost-effectiveness directly.


  • Service level contract

What is the average project completion time the data entry service provider is offering? That is a vital point to focus into. Many businesses need fast processing of data. Before signing the online data entry service make sure that they meet your criteria of the turnaround time.


Let’s have a Look at Some Perks of Offshoring Data Entry Services to Specialized Provider 


a. Allows You Focus on Core Competency


data entry services


All businesses have some core and secondary function. Data entry is one of the secondary activities that tremendously increase the operational costs if the organization decides to implement it onsite. It is more viable to hire exclusive team, who has exemplary typing speed to do the work on your behalf. As a result, you will be able to maintain your daily data entry services smoothly. Furthermore, you will have to rent more office space and hire new managers if you decide to do data entry on site. You will also face other hidden costs such as bonus and different insurance policy.

The benefit of outsourcing data entry services is that it will ease your employee management hassles. You will be able to focus more on your core competency while your service provider does the data entry part. It will enhance the profitability of the business and will enhance the efficiency of the process.


b. Helps You Lower Operational Cost


All businesses aspire to minimize their operational costs to maximize profitability. Handling massive data with the help of an in-house team is not only a tiresome job but also involves a huge budget to be spent. These dollars could be spent in form of employing manpower, building infrastructure, training them, technologies invested in tools, and software and much more. Irrespective of where the investment is utilized, end of the day it reduces the financial burden of an organization.


c. Enables Better Accuracy


Data entry requires absolute concentration and proficiency while doing it. Therefore, developing an exceptionally talented team in-house is very tricky and unnecessary in some cases. Offshoring data entry services can make your business more manageable and efficient.


d. Helps You Mitigate Risk


data entry services


Often companies outsource data entry services because they want to mitigate risk. It is tough for companies to invest in setup, resources, and technology in this business landscape that keeps on changing. Some of these investments may become obsolete very rapidly. You will also reduce the risk of having errors in data processing because the service provider who handles this task is highly experienced.


e. Provides You with Finest Talent


By offshoring data entry services you are getting access to the best talent in the market. Professional BPO Companies understand the importance of bringing the best talent on board. No wonder they offer exemplary services to their customers. Outsourcing companies employ the best resources in this market that is highly competitive.


f. Ensures Your Employee Motivation


data entry services


You may be among those top 10% organization with resourceful staff onboard. However; time has been an observer that rather than engaging employees in non-core activities such as online data entry, leveraging their skill in areas of business keeps them driven to the fullest, as well as helps your institute to compete against rivals. This way you would notice the productivity skyrocketing like never before. Freeing your skilled staff from data entry and other non-core business activities (lead generation), will certainly increase their productivity.


g. Ensures Smart Partnerships


Experienced business process outsourcing agencies have the ability to execute their services and customize them according to your requirements. Due to that you will have sustainable relationships that will continue to grow over time as long as you find the right BPO service providers.


h. Offers Better Data Management


Data management is a big deal for some industries, because it holds a lot of sensitive information about business. That is why it makes more sense to offshore data entry services, in this way your competitors will not be able to trace your sensitive business information. BPO data entry companies not only know how to digitize your data but also how to manage it better through systematic storage across multiple platforms. This way, your data becomes more organized, more available and more helpful through efficient indexing.


Over to You


Managing data has always been a challenging and an overwhelming task for everyone. But companies found a way to overcome this problem by offshoring data entry services to professionals and rightly so. Data impacts every aspect of our life and hence; businesses need to know how to store, convert and effectively use data, altering it to valuable information for the growth of the business and gain that competitive edge over others. Now it is time to find the best online data entry solution provider for your business needs.




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